Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm on Twitter, too.

Okay, so I'm officially a twitterer.
Check me out.
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Or whatever.

Is it just me...

Is it just me or have your relationships with your republican friends been smudged a bit? I have a couple of die hard republican friends who I feel a little weird around now. I don't know if it's their pure disgust for Obama versus my fondness of him that caused a rift. Then there's the whole thing about him being black. Like me. I'm not saying his race was the reason they didn't vote for him (but you never know). But maybe it's just the fact that you've found your friends, people that you chill with, drink with, laugh, and cry with, are so incredibly different from you.

You may start second-guessing what you actually have in common with them. And you could realize that you're only friends with them because they're nice and occasionally funny, and so are you.

As of right now, I just try to steer clear of political talk (which was extra hard to do around the election) when I'm around my republi-friends. I guess having friends that believe different things makes me diverse. Diverse with awkward friendships. urg.