Friday, October 31, 2008

My neck! My neck and my back!

It all happened so fast. Perhaps as all car accidents do.
Some pedestrian (or stupidestrian, as I like to call him) decided that it was a good idea to take a leisurely stroll across Howell Mill during rush hour. Not at a light, mind you, but at a randomly placed crosswalk in the middle of the street. (I blame the city of Atlanta for painting that there.) The van in front of me didn't see him crossing the street until it was almost too late, so he slammed on his brakes. Which, in turn, made me have to slam on my brakes. But thankfully, I stopped before I hit the van. Unfortunately, the guy behind me wasn't so lucky.

I finally had my first car accident.

And let me just say that Saturns ROCK! The other guy's car was all messed up. I mean broken headlight, scratched up everywhere, and what looked like a broken hood. My car, a lovely little Saturn VUE, had no dents, no scratches, no nothing really. I saw a little scrape and that was it. And I was fine, too. I instantly had a headache but I think it was from the stress of being in an accident. I told the guy I was okay and that we didn't have to exchange information, considering that his car was the messed up one. At first, he seemed as though he was trying to act like it was my fault. Saying stuff like, "Don't worry about it..." and "Thanks for pulling over." I'm thinking to myself, YOU HIT ME, BUMHOLE! Get over yourself! Geez. But anyway, I'm fine. My back is fine. My neck is fine. And some nachos that I had just purchased from Willy's were also fine. (I did the "Mom reach over and save the passenger" move.) YES!


kuh reel yuh said...

i think you need to change that "single" over there on your description. ;-)