Monday, November 10, 2008

History has been made. And I'm alive!!

What can I say?
Barack Hussein Obama has been elected the 44th president of these United States. I must admit when I voted for him, I felt proud. I think I even smiled a little bit, okay, a lot. I would've voted democratically no matter who had won the primary, but yeah, it felt great voting for an African American president in my lifetime. Here it is 6 days after the votes came in and I think I'm still in shock.

Just seeing the jubilation of people all across the nation on TV. Calling my mom and hearing her tear-filled testimony of how she'd learned the news. It's just more than anyone could've expected, I think. I don't ever remember time (since I've been on earth) that our country was so excited about the president we chose to elect. I swear this is gonna be a holiday. You know, just like how Washington and Lincoln used to have their own holidays before some hater lumped it all into President's Day.

I was talking to some of my old classmates from PC the other day and they brought up a GREAT point. One of them mentioned that Barack was initially Michelle Obama's intern. Michelle has some political/leadership experience of her own. So maybe Michelle should pull a Hillary and run for president after Barack has hopefully completed his 8 years. That would be AWESOME! Because then I could vote for both a black man AND a black woman for president in my lifetime. Boy, my grandkids are gonna get an ear-full. Heh.