Thursday, February 28, 2008

My life update pt. 3

She called to tell me a huge tree fell on our house during a recent storm. It was actually good that she was at home because she was supposed to be out here in Atlanta for my biopsy, but I told her not to come. (Psychic again? No. My friend who's gone through it before said it wasn't "mama I need you" type of pain.)

The tree plowed through our house. So for a second, my house was a tree house. There were branches in my room and bathroom which is on the total opposite of the house where the tree fell. When I first got the news and after the MooMoo said she (and my doggies) were okay, I didn't worry. I just thought, geez, when it rains it pours in my life. But then later that week when temperatures dropped below freezing in Mississippi, I started to worry. My mom was freezing at night. My dogs were freezing too. There's nothing like looking up at the stars from your bedroom.

Eventually the tree was removed and a tarp was placed over the roof. Insurance is helping my mom pay for the roof rebuild, but now I don't know if I'll be able to pay for the rest of my school.'s never ending.


Anonymous said...

Tracie..don't worry everything will come out alright! Don't forget after the storm comes the rainbow!! So just hold on and keep the faith!!

Anonymous said...

Tracie, we went to high school together. I graduated in 99, you may not remember me. I read your blog on a weekly basis. Very entertaining!!! You spoke of a few challenges you are being faced with. You already know this but I'm typing to remind you that the feelings and thoughts that you're having are human nature. Realize that all challenging things happen in our lives to make us stronger. You present yourself as a very strong individual and I admire your enthusiasm on life. I agree strongly with leighandrea - the rainbow is fastly approaching! You have to go through these things to get to the highest place. Just another chapter in this story titled "life".

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracie, do you mean to tell me that you are from DA Sip (mississippi)? Me too! that's crazy cuz I live in ATL too now and just finished college. I've watched most of your vids on youtube...check me out too. My name is Keisha770 on youtube.