Saturday, December 1, 2007

101 things about me.

1. I'm a planner.
2. I stopped wanting to get married.
3. But then I started back.
4. I'm a hopeless romantic.
5. I've been writing plays since I can remember.
6. I have a tattoo of a 4 leaf clover on my shoulder.
7. I got it for my gramma who passed away; her birthday was on St. Patrick's Day.
8. My granddaddy was the one who called me Tracie Mae.
9. My real middle name is Diane.
10. Which is also my mom's first name.
11. I have lived in a battered woman's shelter.
12. Gymnastics and cheerleading used to be my life.
13. My mom is funny.
14. So is my dad.
15. I think I'm slightly psychic, or highly intuitive.
16. I have two degrees in broadcasting.
17. I found out being a TV reporter is too serious for me.
18. I love to laugh.
19. I am an only child.
20. One Christmas I had 36 presents under the tree BEFORE Santa came.
21. I was that girl.
22. I had a skee ball machine in my house.
23. I'm not a trier.
24. I stick with what I know is good.
25. I enjoy rollercoasters.
26. I worked as a mortgage loan specialist for about 2 years.
27. I cry when I get mad.
28. I wish I could stop that because I think others look at it as a weakness.
29. I sometimes have dreams about beating people up. Men mostly.
30. I've never been in a fight.
31. I love Beyonce.
32. I wish I could be one of her background singers.
33. I tried out for American Idol.
34. I tried out for VH1's Diva show.
35. I tried out for VH1's Pop Culture Trivia show.
36. I lived in Mississippi for 12 years.
37. Now, I notice when I'm the only black person in the room.
38. While growing up in Chicago, I never noticed that.
39. My first best friend was Holly Panazzo.
40. I tried to find her on myspace once.
41. Death is one of my biggest fears.
42. Not my own, but people around me.
43. If I didn't make jokes, I'd cry.
44. I'm a worry-wart.
45. And a perfectionist.
46. I get it from my MooMoo.
47. I don't remember when I started calling my mom MooMoo.
48. I was named after one of my mom's friends from nursing school, Cie.
49. And my dad, Tyrone.
50. I wrote a letter to myself when I was 15.
51. I'm supposed to open it on my 30th birthday.
52. I can hardly remember anything I wrote in it.
53. I love being in love.
54. I think I'm a great girlfriend.
55. My ex used to constantly remind me that I wasn't.
56. My ex and I were together for 7 years.
57. I'm totally over it.
58. I love when a guy can make me laugh.
59. I fell in love right after I became single.
60. I shouldn't have done that.
61. My mom says I've been trying to win something since I was a little girl.
62. That's why she understands why I get sad when I don't win.
63. I feel like winning something big is my destiny.
64. I can't be on a treadmill next to someone who stops every 2 minutes.
65. Or someone whose sweat is flicked on me with every step they take.
66. Or when the person next to me is reading; you can't read and walk, it's just impossible.
67. I can usually remember what a word starts with even if I can't remember the word.
68. My friends think I'm wrong most of the time.
69. I need to start keeping a tally of when I'm right.
70. I believe in traditional gender roles.
71. Most guys are surprised when I tell them that.
72. I've never been given flowers by a man.
73. I think that the first man to give me flowers will be my husband.
74. I want to delete #73 because it might give someone an unfair advantage.
75. In high school the people at Burger King knew my order before I gave it.
76. BK was the hangout after school or a football game.
77. That was back when the Whopper was still 99 cents.
78. I'm not feeling the "happy Mary J. Blige."
79. I liked her music better when she was "Going Down."
80. I'm an R&B chick to the bone. Oldies through today.
81. I believe that any TV show is good as long as you watch it from the first episode.
82. I'm 5'3.5" tall (please say the half).
83. I'm a sucker for romantic gestures.
84. I love all Cranium games.
85. I want to have a party at my house but I don't want anyone to spill Kool Aid on my carpet.
86. I'm more patient than I should be.
87. When I was little, I felt sorry for 18-wheelers that couldn't make turns.
88. Not for the driver, but the actual truck.
89. I did some things in my past for the sole purpose of making my diary interesting.
90. I want some one to find my diary one day and publish it.
91. My mom and I sing songs randomly from old commercials. Like "Blockbuster Video, WOW, what a difference," and "Mommy. What is it dear? I want a Salerno Butter Cookie..."
92. "...You can lookie, lookie, lookie, but you'll never find a cookie with a better butter batter than Salerno, Salerno Butter cookie." I felt strongly about finishing that song.
93. I used to stick my head out of the car window like a dog and laugh cuz I couldn't breathe.
94. I fell out of the car when I was 3. Seat belts weren't the law.
95. I had an appointment to take pictures that day, so my mom put makeup on my exposed white meat, drew a right eyebrow on me, and we kept our picture appointment.
96. I used to perform for my family (plays, songs, etc.)
97. Occasionally I get a hankering to paint something.
98. Once I thought I could do a total room renovation before my mom came back from work. I emptied my room, ripped up the carpet, and drew up plans. It took me about 2 weeks. My mom wasn't mad.
99. Once I get something in my head, I have to do it, or get it, or research how to do it.
100. I think I want to live in Chicago again, as a grown up.
101. I went to Double Dare on tour back in the day. It was great.


angie said...

first of all i love this.

second, of all the things that you decided to share i shall comment on only one "happy mary j. blige". amen.
dancing all around in that ipod commercial, what is that? i'm glad she's not cryin' anymore, but i'm not feeling it either.

anonymousnupe said...

"Buy me a Chevrolet...Buy me a Chevrolet...Gon' buy me a Chevrolet..."

Gotta admit, though, that was catchy 'lil diddy she sang. Why y'all hatin'?

EmpressMommie said...

Ok..why do I still share that story of how we used to go to BK after school everyday and you would rap our orders and I would dance in the background? AAAAANNNNDDD how the heimlich had to be performed on me b/c I almost died on a french fry laughing at you. Stories of our senior year. The Moo-Moo part...never heard you call her Moo-Moo until I was in the 11th grade and me, you, and rhea became exceptionally close. So maybe that will give you an idea. Love the blog though!

Don said...

Y'all have placed Mary J Blige in a box, I see.

I heard a song called Work That. It's jammin'

Don said...

But then again, not like the old ish.

Justa NaughtyChic said...

I can't believe you were on Double Dare...I LOVED that show!