Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Rap Up - I don't know how to freestyle.

I know it's been like forever since I've blogged. It's that time again my peoples. Studio Week. For all of my new readers, studio week is a week at school that we're given to complete all of the assignments we've been working on all quarter. Then we present them to a critique panel and either get good reviews, torn apart, or a little of both. So around this time I end up blogging less, but I'll try to keep up this quarter.

This Friday Rap Up is totally random much like everything else I do.
I killz 'em with the freestyle! teehee.


anonymousnupe said...

You stoopid, man. And I mean that in the nicest way, of course. Now lemme see if I can freestyle my way through this chilly D.C. Friday, wit airy-body else walkin' around here depressed about Sean Taylor.

Anthony said...

For real, TM, if you don't cut it as a graphic artist, you have a sure-fire career as a comedienne! The screwed beat, with your...ahem...rhymes on top had me crackin' up!

On tha real, you had it poppin' in the first verse!

Another classic Friday Rap Up for you!


John "JP" Pickens said...

Lemme get in on that....
So Imma freestyle,
this is a freestyle,
thic is a wild one
when he tries to freestyle
fuck u my me style
so fly my in style
make you smile a while
when I do my me style

yeah, so what. lol.

Mary Campbell said...


Anonymous said...

Tears, man! Straight tears! Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from laughing so much. But, for real. That was tight!

mizz me said...

lol girl you funny i'm adding your blog to my faves, please excuse my old ass blog, i'll be updating one of these days, yeah i seen you on youtube

Anonymous said...

you are retarded! that took me back to the good ol' know, at callaway during basketball season....ass crack during football season. oh, the good ol' days!

esk said...

Girl, you are hilarious! Your facial expressions are priceless.