Monday, November 26, 2007

My new celebricrush.

Reggie Bush.
Or as I like to call him "Reggie the so fine."

He used to be linked to Ciara. They do look cute together.

But now it's out that he's dating Kim Kardashian. The bootylicious Armenian beauty who had that sex tape with Ray J (Who, by the way, was one of my previous celebricrushes, until I saw the tape; let's just say there's a hook involved, teehee.). I can't even hate on Kim though, she's pulling fine men but she's beautiful, so it doesn't seem outta order to me. Mo' power to her.


Julie said...

i watched a show about how guys are getting 6-pack implants. and butt implants. how gross.
also kim's show is pretty horrible. i saw about 10 minutes and felt dumber for having watched. they have no personality.

Anonymous said...

What? Did you say something? I was distracted.

EmpressMommie said...

Girl, I heard Reggie is gay!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am just joking. You know how everytime a black man who has loot and is fine somebody ALWAYS gotta say they gay. Real talk, I didnt hear that...just wanted to ruffle your feathers!!

BLESSD1 said...

Man...I think you are the FIRST female that I've ever witness NOT hate on Kim K. Okay...yeah..she IS about as dumb as a sack of hammers, but she IS beautiful! I think you get kudos for that. You know...for the record, you aint so bad yourself ;-)