Wednesday, November 14, 2007

one day at a time

Most days I'm too consumed with schoolwork to think about being alone.
Most days I never even realize my loneliness.
Most days I don't cry.
Most days I don't acknowledge that no one calls my phone.
Most days I'm glad I'm just doing me.
Most days I know that someone will eventually find me.
Most days I don't focus on my empty house.
Most days I don't think about all my friends being married.
Most days I'm happy watching TV all by myself.
Most days I'm glad I'm single.

Today, is not one of those days.


Anonymous said...


Don said...

Damn, I read every line saying to myself ..."yeah, that's whats up!" then you kill me with the last line.

I been there.

Keep your head up. There's always tomorrow.

Tracie Mae said...

Don - that's all I can hope for.

esk said...

I liked your poem.

I truly believe that there's someone out there for all of us. God will allow you to cross paths with that special someone when He's ready. Dag, look at me getting all spiritual and what not.

Hang in there, Tracie!