Monday, November 5, 2007

My Mississippi Weekend

I finally got to see the many faces of Baleigh Reese -

I also went to a bridal party for my friend Jade's mom where we had to wear "ugly" bridesmaid dresses, oh lawd -

I shook hands with my favorite man -
And learned a new funny trick -

(my arm, teehee)


anonymousnupe said...

You know you my girl, so Ima give it to you straight: That arm-fat thing, and all them white people, and the face you were muggin' in dat dress...that's proly why you ain't got no man, now, Boo. I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? i saw you wear that dress out last night.

Happy late 20's!

Tracie Mae said...

Nupe - HUH? What the eff are you ranting about now?? Now see, when I actively stop worrying about getting a man, you wanna tell me why I ain't got one.

The arm fat thing is funny, I think. And if a man doesn't think so, we probably aren't a match anyway.

All them white people are my friend's mother's people. I was at her bridal shower, I can't help who she knows. I've been friends with Jade since 10th grade, therefore I know her mother.

That mug in that picture is still my face, and once again, anybody that doesn't like it can KICK ROCKS.

including you.

mer said...

Happy Birthday!
This is not an excuse, by the way, but I lost all my phone numbers due to the Razor sucking worst than any cell phone EVER! With that being said, I tried to call you yesterday to shout CONGRATS ON THE RADIO SPOT! i know i sound like a broken record, but i am super proud of you :) think of me when im living on the streets of SOHO looking for a job (or a sugar daddy )


Anonymous said...

I think the arm fat thing is funny! The bridesmaid dresses though are so horrible I had to keep looking at them to make sure they were real.

anonymousnupe said...

LOL! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Boo! You KNOW I'm just funnin' you. (And watch your language when you talkin' to your elders. You ain't THAT grown yet. LOL!)

esk said...

Love the arm trick, ha! And the bridesmaid dresses...well...the colors were pur-tee! :-)