Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is that all it takes?

Earlier today Lynn and I risked our lives by doing a photo shoot in an abandoned building with a homeless lady sleeping in there. (There was a water bottle filled with pee in there, too.) She told Lynn if she'd known we were coming she would've cleaned up a little bit; awwwww. Anyway, Lynn had a make-up artist come over and get my face ready for the shoot. So for the shoot I looked like this:

After we were finished with the shoot, I had to go grocery shopping. I wiped off most of the makeup; the only remaining fragments were my still stained lips and fake eyelashes. So I looked a little something like this:

When I'm telling you I found the secret, I found the freakin secret. So, apparently, eyelashes are the thing; I'm guessing. In Kroger (the same Kroger where I've been shopping since May) not only one, but two guys tried to talk to me. I felt like I was in highschool again! One guy was an employee who asked, "When will I see you again?" I replied, "You've seen me every other week, this is my Kroger, where I shop." "I've never seen you before, I would've remembered," he yelled back as I pushed the cart away trying to hide my disbelief in the power of the eyelashes.

The second guy stalked me for a while. I didn't notice him doing it though, HE TOLD ME. Teehee. He even said he was scared to talk to me, like who the hell am I? Beyonce? Yes. I. Am. *wink, with one humongous eyelash* He introduced himself and we talked for a quick second before he asked if he could take me out sometime. "Possibly," I said. Dude looked young. He told me he went to Grambling so I'm guessing he's at least 23 or 24, but I don't know. We exchanged numbers and that was that.

**SIDEBAR** See, that's the thing about meeting people in person, I really don't remember dude's name, don't know how old he is, and in a short while I probably won't remember what he looks like. Online, though, I can research a dude.

When I got home, I had to take pictures forever preserving the day when Tracie's eyelashes helped get her groove back.


mer said...

Such a pretty pic of you

esk said...

You looked fabulous in both pictures!

Anthony said...

Quite beautiful TM, quite beautiful indeed. I don't know if it's the lashes, specifically, but maybe it's an extra bit of confidence you felt after the shoot because of how you thought you looked.

Regardless, If the lashes give you that extra "ummmph," do it!

Bottom line, you look tremendous in both shots!

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Don said...

Nice pics

Anonymous said...

awww, cutie!

EmpressMommie said...

You are hott with the eyelashes or not but they do give you a Diana Ross (in her good day) / Beyonce classy diva look. I say go for it. Just be careful if you wear them to a club or somewhere your body temp may rise b/c of hot weather...dont want them to slide down your face (like they did my Aunt Adrienne...hahahahahaha!!). It would make a good blog topic though. ;-)

BLESSD1 said...

Love the pix, and yeah...that was a pretty funny post. Come to think of it, big lashes DO really draw attention to the eyes and give em a lil more "UMPH" ;-)