Monday, November 19, 2007

King Kong.

If you know me, you know I'm not much of a movie-goer. I used to go a lot with "the ex" but mostly because he wanted to see something. I'm just a TV show watcher mainly. The last movie I saw was Oceans 13 (Lynn had to peel me away from a TV show to go). Most of the movies I see are when none of my shows are on and I'm just channel surfing (or when somebody makes me watch something with them).

So anywhooo, I just finished watching King Kong for the first time. Ever. I never even saw the original. And I remember wanting to see this new one when it came out, but like I said, I'm not really a movie-goer. I did, however, ride the King Kong ride at Universal Studios some years back. It came on HBO and I didn't see it from the beginning, so I don't really know the whole story. But...

Was it just me (being the single girl that I am) or was King Kong the strongest, most chivalrous, beast ever?!?!? I mean, okay, so he wasn't that cute, but homie could protect me anyday. And was this a love story? Did she love Kong? I never figured that out, but I know I did. I was (eyes filled with tears) yelling, "Leave him ALOOOONNNNEEEEE!" I know it could have never happened but I was hoping for the blond chick and Kong to go off and have some kiddie-kongs.

In the end, I was upset when Kong fell to his death. It was almost as if I was watching the last gentleman in the world perish. I mean, he saved her from like 4 T-Rex's and who knows how many other beasts that obviously preferred white meat. And c'mon people, he was learning sign language and everything. Kong would've done anything for blond chick, anything to protect her.

Add that to the list of what I like in a beast, er, man.


esk said...

They've been running King Kong on HBO for about a week I've watched it twice. Great special effects!

I was teary-eyed too when they came to get King about when they had him caged up on stage?! How awful.

The relationship b/t King Kong and the blonde chick...I was trying to figure out the dimensions of her love for him...was it like a love for a pet or a love for a boyfriend?! Hmmmm...

BLESSD1 said...

The critics bashed the Kong movie, but I thought it was really well done. LMAO @ you yelling, "Leave him ALOOOONNNNEEEEE!" Great post!