Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Look before you leap.

I've determined that since I've made the decision to no longer "look" for a man, I have absolutely nothing to blog about. I mean, what else do I do? School. New things with my hair. Uhhhh, that's about it. Without the occasional stupid guy encounter, my life is mad boring. Or at least it seems that way in the blog world. I should've thought about that before I decided to stop looking. Hmmmm. Oh well.


Don said...

Damn, I was just getting into the flow of your blog.

Sing on video. Make your cute facial expressions. Do something...lol

Anthony said...

Woman, please...Keep yo' groove! Do not deprive those of us who visit your blog on the regular for the comedy and occasional profundity, on account of some silly "kneegroes" in the A, not recognizing who you be!

Shake off the haters, stay in your lane, and any other pithy negro phrase that might come to mind.

Make their loss our collective gain, as you clown at their expense, get out unencumbered to see the dark, seedy side of Atlanta -- the whole town basically, and thrill us with your new revelations and discoveries of self and situation.


Basically, keep doing what you do.


Tracie Mae said...

Wow Anthony -
That was very inspiring.

I will go out and do stuff, I will have things to blog about, I will...I WILL!!


esk said...

I'm with Anthony! I love your blog and your random thoughts...I check it periodically while I'm at work and literally laugh out loud. Folks that sit near me (the wonderful world of cubicle) are like: WTF is so funny?! LOL

Keep the blogs coming, girlfriend!