Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Rap Up - Apple Z

Requested by Chrissy.
What if we could Apple Z (undo) stuff in everyday life. Like, remember that time you peed in the bed? Well, what if when you woke up you could push Apple Z on your life and have that part undo itself. It'd be good.

Ready, go!


Anthony said...

OMG! That was the best Friday Rap up so far!!!

Topical...whimsical...lyrically sophisticated! Two thumbs up!!

I'm not playin', if you extend that to about, oh 4 minutes, you can get radio play!

Tryin' to Hustle like TM!
The Hustle

anonymousnupe said...

I must say, that's the most exuberant I've seen you on any Friday Rap Up ever. Is there a new man in your life who you're not tellin' us about just yet?

Does Apple-Z work for the time I walked outta the bathroom right before I was about to play in a big game and had TP streaming from the back of my warm-ups as I called myself thorough-stridin' through the gym in front of the opposing team's cheerleaders?

And my friend wants to know if Apple-Z works for STDs. LOL!!

Tracie Mae said...

Nupe - LOL. That's funny. Nahhh, there is definitely not a new man in my life. You know y'all would've been the first to know. Tell your friend Apple Z at this time has not been proven to work for STD's but we are undergoing studies. teehee.

Anthony - Thank you! Question though, why is it that you're Tony on everybody else's blog, but on mine you're Anthony? Who you tryna impress?

Anthony said...

See, why you gotta call me out?? I could be hiding from folx, like for instance, Sista Toldja...I went over there and got into a firefight, so I have to creep around on the interweb on "low pro" for a minit... ;)

No, on the real, I log in Blogger to comment on your posts using my GMail login, which, as you've so eloquently described, shows me as "Anthony."

I'm the biggest uber-geek software and web developer in the world, but I can't figure out how to change my damn display name. Just sad. :(

As for why I appear as "Tony" elsewhere (including my own blog), it's because damn Blogger wants to be all formal an' shit, and I'm an informal kinda guy...

You can feel free to call me Anthony, Tony, Omar, Hustle man...whatever. Plus, you people's with my BFF, Lynnette G., so you're all good! :)

Jus' don't call me nigga or pimp, or playa, or boy, or...well, you get the picture.

Name Hustlin'

John "JP" Pickens said...

LEX, cotdamn. THAT is the shit. Remember what I said to you, we need to make that happen. THAT was fly. Get at me, lets make it hap'n cap'n.

Don said...

That was tight.

Anonymous said...

yeah, definitely don't call him n****! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving PC users props!

Anthony said...

Yo, I can't get this FRU out of my head...For the past two days I've been walking around doing the Bankhead bounce, talking 'bout some "Unnnnnddddddoooooo it, unnndooooooit..." and "Apple Z wit' it..."

The other developers on my team are like "WTF is this dude talking about with this 'Undo it' stuff?"

I had to come back and watch the vid again...

Hustle, and hit rewind...