Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Holidays are over...

My holiday went okay. I wasn't extra surprised by anything that happened, it was mostly just a time to visit people and chill with moms and nem.
While I was in Mississippi I visited two babies: Baleigh and Bria
I've already introduced y'all to Baleigh, but Bria was just born Dec. 19th (I think).
And then on my way back to Atlanta, I stopped in Hueytown, AL to visit my long time best friend's baby Raven. The funny thing is when I was telling my mom about all the babies I had to visit we had this exchange:

Me: I have to go see 3 babies while I'm here.

Mom: Yeah, everybody's having babies huh?

Me: Yup, one day I'll have one.

Mom: I wish you'd hurry up.

Me: Uhm, I don't even have a boyfriend.

Mom: And?

Me: Well, a boyfriend is usually how a husband starts out.

Mom: You don't need a husband to have a baby.

Me: WHAT! Are you telling me it's now okay to have a baby out of wedlock?

Mom: You're old enough...

Me: After all those years of yelling, "You betta not bring no babies home," now it's okay?

Mom: Well, you were in highschool then. Now you're old. You're almost 30.

Me: Damn.

Me and the Baleigh Bop

Introducing Ms. Bria Riley

Bria and her daddy. (notice the little puppy on the couch too, I believe her name is Diva)

Introducing Ms. Raven Amber born Nov. 5th.


anonymousnupe said...

Normally I would never advise this, but somebody's gotta say it in this case: DON'T LISTEN TO MOMMA!! Yep, throw her from the train on this one.

Tracie Mae said...

I not gonna listen to her. She's just anxious to be a grandmother. I know how I want my family to start, and it's not by drunken donation.

MissPrettyncurvy said...

LOL @ drunken donation

I wouldn't advise it either. I wanted the fairy tale wedding, and then the baby to come, but instead I chose to have a baby first, after I didn't hear wedding bells fast enough. Do I regret having my little girl? Uhm no, BUT I know it would have been a lot easier, if I would have married her dad first. It's all good though, I have my little angel, that God blessed me with, so I'm happy about that.