Thursday, January 24, 2008

A letter to Iraq.

I met a guy online yesterday. He sent me a Yahoo instant message and we chatted for a while before he let me know that he is currently serving in Iraq. He was really nice (and cute) and we actually had some great conversation so I was pleasantly surprised. Then he asked me something that took me back a little bit; he asked if I would write him a letter.

OF COURSE!!! I probably haven't written a letter to someone since 10th grade, but I love (LOVE) writing letters. With everyone having email, IM, and all this newfandangle technology, the art of letter writing has almost become extinct.

The thing is, I don't know this guy. We did chat for about 2 hours, though, so I know a few things. I know he likes music and women with dimples. He went to Morehouse and before the Army he worked at CNN. Usually when you write a letter to someone, you know them. You share some interests, know the same people, have memories together, something. With this guy, I don't have the luxury of any of those things. I guess I'll just write from my heart.

I'm sure he'll be excited to receive something at mail call, in the same way that I'm excited to be writing a letter to a soldier in Iraq.


Anthony said...

That's a very cool thing to do, TM.

The soldiers over there have a lawful duty to obey orders, and it's quite likely that many of them are doing a job and dealing with a situation that they don't personally agree with.

Showing them individual support and saying "hey, we miss y'all" may just save a life.

EmpressMommie said...

this could definitely be the start of a meaningful friendship. Kudos Tray!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Trace.

Monie said...

That's awesome.

I adopted a soldier last year and we wrote letters, sent postcards, etc. He said getting my correspondence and packages were most times the highlight of his day. He was able to return home safely in December.

I have adopted another soldier this year. I'm excited to learn about him and get to know someone new.

Hopefully, your penpal (don't that word bring back MEMORIES?) experience is a good one.

If anyone else is interested in adopting a soldier, I went to