Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Should I vote for?

This survey didn't solve anything for me. Hillary and Barack are still hella close. Well, the primaries are a-coming and I've got to make a firm stand one way or another. Maybe I'll do a little research and re-take the quiz. Some of the questions that I just left in neutral, I could probably have taken more of a stand on. We'll see.

Bill Richardson - 78 match

You must be looking for a moderate liberal with impressive credentials. If you live in Iowa or New Hampshire, you could have voted for Bill Richardson. Otherwise, you're out of luck. After finishing 4th in both states, Richardson dropped out of the presidential race.

Experienced in state, national, and international politics, Richardson has been a Congressman, an ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, and is now the governor of New Mexico. He is pro-choice, strongly favors rights for the LGBT population, advocates for affirmative action in government contracts, and even championed the idea that Congress should revoke the original authority it gave to go to war with Iraq. Richardson also supports the death penalty and gun ownership rights.

Hillary Clinton - 74 match

Hillary Clinton is a liberal democrat who is unpopular among conservatives for advocating universal health care, abortion rights, and civil unions. She is resented in the anti-war crowd for having authorized a military strike in Iraq and not apologizing since. People see her as power-hungry and willing to do anything to get to the top, even stay with her unfaithful husband. However, Clinton has 8 years of experience in the White House, 25 years in national politics and is currently serving her second term as a popular New York senator. She knows how to make and deliver policy which puts her ahead of the inexperienced presidential hopefuls.

Barack Obama - 71 match

You must be ambitious and idealistic, like Barack Obama. Obama is a liberal democrat who, unlike his rivals, opposed the Iraq war from the start. With only 3 years in the Senate, his inexperience worries some and sometimes reveals itself in the debates, but he also has the charisma and popular support that the others lack.

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BLESSD1 said...

Hey sweets. I've only recently begun checking you out, so I won't be presumptuous and assume that I can tell you who to vote for. I will, however provide you to a link that I believe is definitely worth eyeballing before making a decision. Check this out: http://www.slate.com/id/2182938/?GT1=10837

I don't think that the Democratic candidates are that different policy-wise, but I'm casting my lot with Brother Barack b/c he's actually run his campaign with the honor and integrity that he promised from the onset. Good luck!