Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Mississippi I...

Went to a friend's baby shower:

Caught up with my MooMoo:

Played with my doggies:
Diamond & Armani

We call Armani "Man Man." He's the sweetie.

He jumped to catch his toy, flipped over
and landed flat on his back; I cried.

That thing on Diamond's neck keeps
her in the backyard; she's evil.

And that's about it. Exciting huh?


minus five said...

those are really pretty dogs.

anonymousnupe said...

And the 2 canines don't look bad, either. *Badum-SYMBOLCRASH!!

Sorry, just couldn't resist.

Julie said...

i want man man! so cute!!

esk said...

Adorable dogs. I cracked up though when I saw that thing around the "evil" dog's neck to keep him in the backyard. LOL