Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Rap Up - Rock Yo Thumb Drive

Hey everyone!
As you can see it's 5 am and I'm still up. Studio week so far has been crazy! Today (well really yesterday) my classmates saw me running around like a wild woman trying to print out 4 posters and tile them together before my individual meeting with Kuperminc (my design teacher). They were all like, "We've never seen you run like that before!" Exercise isn't my thing, but I can still get a little pep in my step every now and then.

Also, this week I've been noticing more people around school wearing their thumb drives (or flash drives) around their necks. I always wear mine (if I bring it at all), so I thought it'd be cool if everybody just started wearing thumb drives as the new "hot" accessory.

"Eff platinum chains! I'm rocking 8 gigs," the people will shout.
Rappers will start rhyming about how many gigs their drives can hold. Me? I have a one gig. I think I erase something from it on a daily basis in order to save something new. Maybe I'll get another one and rock TWO - beat that!

So if this catches on, you saw it here first! Score!


Tania Rochelle said...

Do they come in different colors?

anonymousnupe said...

Next there'll be some kind of Hip-Hop thumb-drive culture where young men and women will walk around trying to upload to each other's drives to see if their "data" is compatible. No small talk or “game” will be necessary. Just upload your profile for analysis on the spot. Eventually, as the technology improves, maybe we’ll even have safe sex via these handy little devices. Tracie, I think you've started a whole new movement. Resistance is futile.

Laydia said...

To say you have issues just doesn't quite capture the depth of your insanity lol. I get excited evertime I remember that it's Friday and time for the Friday Rap Up lol. Keep up the good work lol.

Anonymous said...


Radioshack has a 4G on sale for $39.99....excellent buy!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to start rocking my thumb around my neck! For once, I'm getting a jump on a new trend. Question: Is it acceptable to add bling to your thumb drive? I can so see those fake diamond stick-ons that were once reserved for cell phones making there way onto mine.

Tracie Mae said...

Why yes Tania, they do. I'm not sure if the necklaces come in different colors, but the thumb drives do.

Anonymous - I support thumb drive safe sex.

Mahogany - YAY! It's weird, yet exciting to know that you think of me every Friday.

Shavon - Thanks girl...I gotsta go get me one of those! (I hope it has a necklace)

Ty - Oh my damn! We should totally do that! We'd be the envy of all thumb drive rockers! That's my goal in life, to make everyone jealous of me, everyday, all day, forever. ;) YAY!

John "JP" Pickens said...

You know what, somebody needs to give you a record deal. Yo blog appears to be popppin too....blame it on Thic.

Julia said...

um. tracie. you don't know me (yet!), but I live in atlanta and I wondered if you have a best friend already. If not, I would like to be your best friend. Where should I send my application?

Tracie Mae said...

Wow Julia, well I really can't say that I have just one best friend. I've lived here and there and everywhere and I have best friends all over the place.

If you're not the jealous type, you can be my BBF (Blog Best Friend). And considering that I don't know you at all, that's a pretty fine deal right there.