Thursday, September 20, 2007

What the eff?!?

Sugarland sings Beyonce? REALLY? No, REALLY!!!
(Have we all gotten yet that REALLY is the new thing I'm saying? It's fun.)

This reminds me of my olden days as a board operator for the Clear Channel radio stations in Jackson, MS. It was one of several radio gigs I got after college. Imagine one building that held every kind of radio, from rock to R&B, oldies to sports talk. This job was cool though, I just came in around 7pm and stayed until midnight, every night. Never really had to do any work; computers do it all these days. Sometimes I'd work on my own radio reel, other times I'd head into the country station (the only station with a television) and watch Lifetime until it was clock out time. It was then my love of country music was born, but hidden. It is only now that I can finally step out of my shell and say DAMN IT, I LIKE LEANN RIMES and that show Reba (Lifetime) is a riot! This video only serves to prove yet another one of my Yonce' theories: Beyonce's music knows no boundaries.

Anyway, let's gon' head and git down right country wit our bad selves! May I also point out that the people in the crowd already know the song!! teehee.



angie said...

my fav part is the dudes singing along

anonymousnupe said...

T-Monie, that joint was tight. Dare I say they did a better job than B on the cut?! *Ducking Tracie's knife hand to my carotid artery*

Tracie Mae said...

uh betta be duckin! BOI STOP!

Tracie Mae said...

Did anybody else notice how many times the lead singer's shirt changed? Must be magic.

Laydia said...

Ok, that was pure comedy lol!!

Anonymous said...

And is it just me or is the singer pointing "TO THE RIGHT TO THE RIGHT?" Her right that is