Monday, September 17, 2007

We might have the same life, if you've ever...

1. Saved KoolAid points.

2. Pushed play on the VCR when your daddy told you not to and saw your first porn.

3. Put a twin mattress on your staircase, sat in a cardboard box, and slid down (the mattress is optional).

4. Ate at White Castle, a lot.

5. Tried to tell your parents the truth because you saw some kid on TV not get in trouble after telling the truth, only to find out that telling the truth doesn't work. That's when you came to the realization that TV life and real life are not one and the same.

6. Ran from gunfire every Sunday after the skating rink closed.

7. Gone to the skating rink just to dance in the middle of the rink, not to skate.

8. Cried when your mom and dad told you not to answer the door for ANYONE and 10 minutes later they knocked on the door, yelling for you to open it for them. Ooooohhhh, that's a mean trick, I can't wait to do it to my kids.

9. Worn a key on a shoestring around your neck. And lost it every other week.

10.Tasted snow salt (you know, that salt that you put down to clear your steps or your sidewalk of snow) and found out that table salt is better.


Laydia said...

I was with you for like the first and second or so...but you SO lost me on a couple of those lol. Like tasting rock salt? Too much for TV lol.

John "JP" Pickens said...

So THAS how you got into your porn addiction huh? And when you giving my movies back?

EmpressMommie said...

B/c I lived in MS all my childhood, I did not have the pleasure of tasting snow salt...never had stairs so didnt do the mattress thing. However...kool-aid points were SO the bomb w/me and my brothers that we had kool-aid point club meetings. We would "discuss" the prizes that we were going to get AND make goals for how many points were going to collect until the next meeting. (What happens when you live in the "bottom" and the club meetings was what made us feel grown up) Now White Castle isnt in MS....HOWEVER...Krystal (on Ellis) was like Cheers...honey EVERYBODY knew our names!