Sunday, September 2, 2007

Studio Week!!!!!!!

It is now officially studio week at my school. Studio week is that crazy week of non-stop work we get in order to prepare for our critiques the following week. I've made a list and I have approximately 25 projects (everything from writing radio scripts to designing posters) due by my critique next Wednesday.

I've never had this much to present at critique and I'm hella nervous about pretty much everything. I can only try to do my absolute best and try to have everything look, and sound, as professional as possible.

PC ain't playin y'all. They got a sista running around crazy!


anonymousnupe said...

What one man (woman) has done, another can do. Hanah yo binnes.

angie said...

good luck tracie! you'll be wonderful. if all else fails rap for them. i find it works wonders.

T. Budnik said...

Good luck! Presentation is everything. I found the quarters I had a ton of work to show, my panel didn't have enough time to say anything negative.