Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I swear to God.

Yesterday my friend Julie and I went to Inman Park to take pictures for one of my classes. She was my tour guide because I really don't know the area very well. After taking this picture under the Krog Street bridge, that man (in the picture) approached me. He was highly upset that I had just taken his picture. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Man: (quasi-Jamaican accent) You're not supposed to take pictures of people without their permission.

Me: Oh, sorry. I'm just trying to get the bridge...

Man: (interrupts) I swear to God, you're not supposed to take pictures of people close up because someone could recognize me and you did not ask my permission.

Me: Well, I'm only a student; this won't be in a magazine or anything.

Man: You're not supposed to take a picture so close, you're supposed to be far away so no one can tell who I am; I swear to God I heard that before.

Me: I took it from far away, you can't tell who you are.

Man: I swear to God! You're not supposed to do that; Muslims believe you can go to hell for that because the picture takes your soul.

Me: Okay, sorry for sending you to hell.

Man: Don't do it no more.

Then Julie and I had this exchange:

Me: Why do black folks have to act like that with other black folks? I can't stand that.

Julie: Well, not all black people are like that ya know.

Me: I swear to God.


Anonymous said...

Hey I created my God Poster for Emotive Type 2 in that tunnel. And I took lots of photographs there too. If you saw some really bad graffiti with not so great copy, I take full credit.

This Girl said...

Great picture. Great story. You're blog is fantastic . . . I swear to God. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

anonymousnupe said...


minus five said...

that's a cool shot. i always dread people getting mad at me for taking their picture.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like meeting new people too.

Montgomery Maxton said...

i know him!

esk said...

That guy would have freaked me out talking all the foolishness!

Anonymous said...

SWEAR DA GOD! I heard that somewhere. Could have been school. I'm so late.

But yeah, just want to be technical and say his ass has no rights since he was in public. You can take pictures of someone w/ their blinds open as long as you do it from the street. SWEAR DA GOD!