Monday, October 29, 2007

Try this.

At the PC Halloween party one of my classmates, Kinzie, told me that it's impossible for you to make a tight fist when you first wake up. I've been trying to do it ever since. I think I even try when I'm turning over mid-sleep (thanks Kinzie, I really needed another weird thing to do while I'm sleeping). I've found it to be true when you first wake up the tight fist ain't happenin' (it takes a few tries to tighten up).

Is this why people sleep with weapons under their mattresses?


EmpressMommie said...

Dang!!! I keep forgetting to try this when I wake up in the morning. Between trying to feed Max and trying to simply stand be honest I forget to make the fist. Agggghhhhh!!! I am going to try to remember though.