Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Rap Up - Gotta Diet

First off, let me say that I totally wasn't gonna do a Friday Rap Up today. Thic talked me into it; so everybody thank him. I was just gonna show bloopers (which I'll now save for another lazy day).

Okay, I've realized that even though I've cut back dramatically on my fast food intake, I haven't been eating great foods at home. Just because it's home cooked, doesn't mean it's good for you. I have at least 4 hotdogs everyday (two in my breakfast sandwich, and two in my dinner sandwich - teehee) and I know that can't be healthy. In addition, I put cheese on EVERYTHING. I gotta stop that. And mostly everyone knows that Koolaid is my drank! First quarter when everyone was sipping on tea and coffee trying to stay awake, I had a thermos full of Tropical Punch Koolaid.

Well, something has gotta give, other than the waistband on all my jeans.
I gotta diet y'all.


John "JP" Pickens said...

I'm goin too, we in this togeva

Anonymous said...

I feel you Trac. I don't know wut has happened over the last 6 mos or so but my jeans aint agreeing either. We gotta do something.

Anonymous said...

think of it more as a change of lifestyle. that diet word is so…so ugly.

i'm in if you wanna raise the stakes a bit. somethin like who can lose x amount by x date.

lemme know!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up, too! Let's start a support group.