Saturday, October 27, 2007

My meeting with Strongman...

Didn't happen, AGAIN - for the third weekend in a row.
As far as I'm concerned 3 strikes and you're out.

We were supposed to meet today - he never told me what time he wanted to meet and when I asked him yesterday, he had no idea of what he wanted us to do, but he hinted around at doing something at the park (during the day).

So at 6:20 PM (!!!) I received a text from him. Here's the convo:

Strong - Hey Ma!

Me - Hey

Strong - Sorry I hit you so late. What are you doing?

Me - Just catching up on homework stuff.

Strong - Don't laugh. This weekend was not good.

Me - I'm not laughing.

Strong - I will make it up.

Me - No need.

Strong - Damn.

Me - The excitement has passed.

Strong - One more chance. Please!

Me - It's too late, I know what your thing is now.

Strong - What's my thing?

Me - You're the guy that doesn't keep his word.

Strong - I'm sorry.

Me - I know.


anonymousnupe said...

Like I said, how you gon' be all ga-ga over dude anyway if you've never met mona a Tracie (regardless of whether you've spoken to him via telly, online, or smoke signals). I repeat: That's just crazy, Tracie! Listen to your elder (that would be me), especially if he a Nupe!

Tracie Mae said...

I mean he was just nice. I wasn't ga-ga over him, but I was excited to have a possibility.
Are you saying that if I'd met this guy at the store and seen him in person I'd have more of a reason to be ga-ga over him??

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO Booty! Are you serious?!?

and PS. don't EVER listen to a nupe. lol

Tracie Mae said...

HA! My sorors always got my back!

John "JP" Pickens said...

Nupe, Iono fam, I think you a lil off base. I was in love with this one woman I met online well before I met her. Once we met, nothing changed. It was a great experience, and I am her (Tmae) elder as well. Oh, I married the lady I met online. :)

Its all relative man, all relative.

anonymousnupe said...

Ok, all a y'all, especially you, Thic ('cause I thought you knew better) need to stop trippn'. What are the odds? That's all I'm sayin'. Tracie, I said "ga ga" 'cause I think I read at one point that you mentioned he might "be the one," right? Even uttering those words, having never smelled dude, is just insanity. Thic, how many other women did you fall in love with online? Be honest. So, T-Mae, him being "just nice" and diggin' him is one thing, but I could feel you gettin' all tingly inside and stuff when you spoke of him.

Just lookin' out. LOL at Kuh Reel Yuh. The Nupes know what's up.

Anonymous said...

*whispering at Tracie* Girl, again, I repeat: Nupes ain't know SHIIIIEEEET! bwwwahahahaha

And I know you didn't mean the one (if you even said it), like THE ONE. As in, you were ready to go marry a nucca. Come on now…

You're exactly right in this. It's cool to get excited about the possibility of a something, and equally as correct to let it go with semi-disappointment, as you're doing now.

Better luck next time. :-)

Which reminds me…We still gotta try speed dating!

Tracie Mae said...

Nupe - Never said it. I never once thought of dude as "the one." That's craziness. I just said I was excited about being excited about a man. And yeah, maybe I did get tingly (because he was so nice) but I get tingly about Beyonce too (and I don't swang that-a-way).

And Kuh Reel Yuh is right that I am semi-disappointed that ONCE AGAIN a guy has totally let me down. After a while it becomes frustrating, but what can you do??

Kuh Reelzz - I also heard about this thing called Paint by Number, it's like a social gathering where you all paint on this big canvas at this studio over on 5th. It's from the same people who do the playdate thing (where you play board games and stuff). We gotta hit summa that up.

esk said...

Maybe one more chance and then after the left, to the left...ummmmm....

anonymousnupe said...

My bad on "the one" quote. Apologies. Thought I read that here. But, yeah, go ahead and listen to Kuh Reel Yuh and depend on luck and speed dating. Clearly that's the way to go. Subscribe to the advice of a bitter, one time Kappa castoff (it's so obvious).

Tracie Mae said...

Oh no you didn't!!! Ooooo, she gon' get you Nupe. I can't wait!

But I'd like to know what other advice you suggest I subscribe to? If not luck and speed dating, then what?

Anonymous said...

One time bitter Kappa castoff…omg, my sides hurt! You're hilarious, Nupe. Castoff? Definitely not. Bitter? Maybe (but definitely not over any Nupe).

Bitter because this mess Tracie's talking about happens way too much. I mean, honestly, men need to show some 'testicular fortitude' [(c) the homie, Kevin] for goodness sake. Be a damn man and make a damn move!

But anyway, like you've never, to quote you, "gotten all tingly inside and stuff when you spoke of a woman you liked?" And I'm sure it was a Delta, no less. Quit frontin'… ;-)

mer said...

Damn, I totally thought you found yourself a number 10. Good thing you found out sooner than later that he's sketcy. Onto bigger and better.

You looked so cute last night. Glad you went to the party. You always make everything way more fun


Tracie Mae said...

Yeah Mer, I thought he was a 10, turns out he was more like a 2. Oh well, it don't matter cuz I'm still a ten....a ten....Tracie is a ten....a ten.

Anonymous said...

Man! I'm enjoying the debate. So exciting!

anonymousnupe said...

Yep, I'll admit it, Kuh Reel Yuh (you really gotta get a shorter sobriquet), a Delta or two definitely had my nose open a time or two back in da day at good ol' HI/HU. Ok, maybe one. But I knew huh up close and personal, and I at least smelt her Halston! (And the things she could do with my "Kane"!) All I'm sayin' is, how she gon' knight slim and put all that stock in him--enough to give him THREE chances (this really ain't baseball) when she ain't neva met slim? Dude needs to have a lot more respect than that! Three times?! Hell, THE FIRST TIME?!! He shoulda been ashes after that!

Tracie, luck and speed dating? You way, way too smart for that. First of all, you don't need to be lookin' for no man at all. Am I lyin'? With all that you got goin' on, you should simply be doin' you and lettin' the moths come to your flame! How in the world you look actively lookin' for a man?! Please. That's for losers. We (men) can always tell when y'all are feening, and 97.6% of the time it scares us off or indicates desperation and allows up to just do whatever. Man, y'all need to act like y'all read at least ONE issue of Cosmo!

And didn't you come up in Sunday School, Tracie? You KNOW there ain't no such thing as luck (not to get all evangelical on you...but for real!).

EmpressMommie said...

Bbbbbbboooooooo!!!! I know what his thing is...the pics are old and he is like 900 lbs and doesnt want you to see him! I am convinced!

Anonymous said...

He sucks!