Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Something new....

Maybe I should actually venture out into the world, the world of regular dating. You know, the world where you don't need an internet connection to meet someone, the world where you meet someone and hear their voice at the same time, the world where the first meeting is already out of the way. It sounds effin great right about now! I'm so tired of this whole routine, looking at profiles, updating my own, talking on the phone about meeting (but never actually doing it).

So I was thinking, maybe I should try to visit a new place every week. On my own or with friends, whatever. I'm not sure of where I'd go every week, or even if I'd have the time to do any of this. Right now it's just a thought, but I do need to get out more.

Any suggestions? (Atlanta area only please)


EmpressMommie said...

I agree with you getting out more. But do both...internet AND going out. Even if you do restaurant bars and sports bars. You don't have to necessarily do clubs. GO TO CHURCH!! Get you a SAVED man (just don't wear your red dress!! :-) )

anonymousnupe said...

Hear, hear to Cokoa on the "saved man" tip! That ups your chances of happiness and fidelity to, say, 70% (compared to the national average of 43%)!

mer said...

I totally agree. As to where you should go, you should go where ever mer goes :)
this weekend I am going to No Mas and Royal. I have never been to No Mas but I have been to Royal several times. Black population= 50 percent- NO JOKE! It's awsome and by far the best club in Atlanta right now. Go read my review and get ready becuase this weekend we are going out!!!


Anthony said...

You might also try attending symposia or something similar at one of the graduate schools there in the A. Yeah, it sounds a geek-fest, but you might win there. Finding an intelligent, well-rounded, grounded dude seems almost assured at something like that.

Work hard. Strive. Endeavor. Hustle.

angie said...

i don't know where to go but take me with you. i have nothing to do. i'm volunteering to be your wingman.

Anonymous said...

lmao @ angie! (damn, i was just about to volunteer for that position, too).

and i'm with chanel…do both.

Tracie Mae said...

Nupe - If you only knew the things Cokoa taught me in high school, you wouldn't be "hear hear"ing to anythang!! lol.

Mer - You've been saying you're going to No Mas for like 18 BAZILLION years now. I've even been to No Mas already and I go NOWHERE!! Geez! No Mas is more like a place I would like to go on a date anyway...not trying to find one. In other news I'm going to MS this weekend, so that's my excuse. Save Royal for another time for me to go.

Anthony - You definitely might be on to something, I'm into geeks. I can do geeks. Strong geeks. Geeks with muscles. Muscles and brains, and maybe braces too...mmmmm. oh, sorry....moving on! (but braces are sexy)

Ang and Kuh Reelz - Us 3, hitting up some place, some time in the near future. Wow. Those plans are hella definite. I'm gonna sign up for those playdate newsletters, maybe we'll do that. Or else we'll just go somewhere I can play KENO!!!

Lynn said...

i wanna go too!!!!!!!!!!