Monday, July 9, 2007


Since mid-May I've been struggling with a terrible disease. I didn't know exactly what it was at first. Because I don't have medical insurance, I was just asking random friends and family (my mom) what they thought it could be. The "it" I speak of was a big, circular, dry-looking, itchy purple patch that magically appeared one day on my upper stomach. My friend Jade diagnosed it as ringworm. She told me to put tough actin Tinatin on it and it'd dry right up. After two weeks of Tinactin-ating it with no avail, I sought out other advice. My mom was unsure. She thought it could've been some sort of eczema rash, or even psoriasis. Friends at school diagnosed me with leprosy (well, really just Chrissy). Finally, I had to take action. Suddenly, it seemed, over 15 new (albeit smaller) rashes had appeared all over my bosom and back. I revisited the dermatologist I used to go to when I was a responsible member of society (when I had a job). She was really nice and only charged me $50 (she even threw in a Syphillis test for free. YAY!). Turns out the terrible disease I've been fighting has a name: Pityriasis Rosea. The doctor said if left untreated it could've formed a Christmas tree pattern on my back. If you ask me, she was a little too excited about that information. The big one on my stomach has a name, too: THE MOTHER PATCH! Wow. That's a little dramatic for me right now. Hi, my name is Tracie, and I have a mother patch. (Hi Tracie) I was prescribed a steriod called Prednisone; it tasted gross, and I think it made me gain 2 pounds (it couldn't have been because I haven't exercised at all).

As of today -

It's still effing there!
It looks extra gross on this picture, maybe because it is! The darkness around my "mother patch" happened when I found out my stomach skin isn't fond of bandaid adhesive - good times, good times.

Here are the neck twins -

Those two little dark patches are the culprits. They aren't nearly as gross, neither are my bosom "buddies" (as I've lovingly dubbed them), but annoying and itchy nonetheless.

This is how bad it could've gotten -


Guess I got lucky, huh? In all, the doctor and I counted 18 spots. This girl's blog said she's covered from her hairline to the tops of her thighs!! DANG!

I did this blog really as a forewarning to anyone who may see me scratching my bosom, neck, back, stomach, or just scratching in general. It's not nice to stare, some people have diseases ya know!


Bill said...

I found some information about pityriasis rosea. Check it out!

Rashida Amira said...

My ex had that and broke up with me bc he thought I gave him something...smh..and then when he found out what it was he tried to get back with me...