Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Darfur Crisis

So I've been working on a poster for one of my classes on the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. In case you aren't up on what's going on over there, I'll give you a ghetto breakdown. Okay, so the government was neglecting this whole region, right? Darfur. So then, some Darfur people got together and was like, "We gon get ours," so they went and raided the government for like weapons and loochie and stuff right? Okay so, get this, the government was like HELL TO THE NO! And the prez gave weapons and money and stuff to the rival tribes of the folks that went and got what they needed from the government. So these rival tribes haul off and kill errybody (with the government's permission)! In short, the government is sponsoring the complete wipeout of this entire region (which they were neglecting to begin with). President Bush has declared it a genocide over there(like on Hotel Rwanda), but still nothing has changed; this has been going on for 4 years now and over 400,000 people have died from disease or violence. It's ridonkulous.

So I started thinking, could something like this happen in America? There are a lot of powerful people in the U.S.;people with money, people who could get away with this. What if all of a sudden President Bush was like, "At this time, we are doing away with all Italians," and he didn't give y'all a headstart or anything. And he gave the military commands to kill any Italian on sight. You wouldn't be able to leave the country because you'd have to show your passport and then you'd get shot immediately, especially if your name is like Panozzo or Mozzerella.

If you think about all the crappy stuff the world has gone through to get us to this point, I don't put anything past anybody anymore. I could be over in Africa with a whole tribe of folks who look just like me (of course I would look completely different, but you get my drift), but I'm not. Because it was somebody's idea to cart us over here. Somebody always got an idea.
Damn thinkers.