Saturday, July 21, 2007


Wow! That's all I can pretty much say. Sitting in section 117, my friends and I were off to the left side of the stage. We couldn't see head on, but we saw everything going on behind the scenes. Of course my mouth was wide open the entire time. AND GUESS WHAT!!!!! Remember that dance "Crank dat Souja Boy" (also known as the Superman) that I posted in an earlier blog as my favorite fun dance right now? Beyonce totally did that dance at the concert! I got so crunk when she started Supermaning dat hoe!

All in all, the concert was everything I was expecting and more. Beyonce pointed people out in the audience like, "I see you in that striped shirt," or "I like that Beyonce shirt you got on." I was secretly praying that she'd point me out so that I could know that Beyonce actually saw me. But, she didn't.

When I got home I told my mom all about the concert; I told her I wanted to be Beyonce. Then my mom went on to preach to me about not wanting to "be Beyonce," but wanting to be the best Tracie I can be. She told me that it's okay to look up to Beyonce, but I shouldn't want to be her. Secretly I still do. I just think she's classy, hella talented, and beautiful with a body that makes men drool. And maybe when I say I want to be her, I really just mean I want to be as Beyonce-like as Tracie can be.

When she was on stage, I was imagining myself being one of the background singers or being somewhere on stage near her. Like if I could just touch her maybe whatever she has would rub off on me. I know, I know, that sounds hella stalker-ish. But really, I'm just a huge fan. I bought a t-shirt and a poster for my room. I wish I had all the money in the world so I could follow her and go to every concert performance. I had a blast!


mer said...

I cant believe you went to No Mas. Shun!

Ty said...

Yeah, ya girl is definitely tight. Rep yo' shit B!

Anonymous said...

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