Saturday, July 28, 2007

Should I be married?

All my friends are getting married, or pregnant. It makes me think that somehow I'm (even though I don't feel I am) behind. Today I went to my former co-worker's baby shower. It was fun seeing all the peeps I used to hang with at Countrywide Home Loans. It's funny that I was in a relationship for 7 years while all my friends were going out, doing the single thing, and now it's totally reversed. Now I'm dating (don't wanna talk about it), and they're all starting families.

I'm happy with all the decisions I've made that have gotten me to where I am today. But there is a small part of me that wishes I'd done everything the way my friends did. You know, party hard in high school and college, stay single until after college. Then maybe find someone to waste 7 years of my life. NAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Never mind. I'm cool.

But here's to all my friends who have made the plunge:

Jade married Delvin May 2007

Rhea married Bailey April 2007, and is about to pop!

Drea's been married for like 3 years now.

Meghan and Ryan are to be married October 2007.

And my former co-worker Cynthia who is just married and is also about to pop. (accompanied by Akisha and me)

Honorable Mentions go out to my bestest friend Sherri who got married in February 2007 and is pregnant, the majority of my high school graduating class (some of whom were parents before we graduated), and all of my friends who have live-in boyfriends now who are undoubtedly next. I don't have pictures of all of you, but just know that you all were mentioned.


Jessica said...

MARRIAGE IS FOR SUCKERS! Tracie. You do not want a baby either. Jeez. I know everyone is getting hitched and knocked up but that's too bad for them. XO!

btw: i call you Tracie Mae(ham) now. GET IT?!? Like Mayhem!

Jaime said...

god, this sounds like my friends.

but honestly, it helps me to look at it as waiting for the right guy. everything happens when it's supposed to happen...

Anonymous said...

Well, now I'm depressed.