Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tracy D. Roberson

At Portfolio Center, our teachers tell us to google ourselves frequently to make sure that we don't have incriminating evidence online for prospective employers to find. So I've been googling myself, but recently came up on something that could be very damaging if someone doesn't know me that well.

A lady named Tracy D. Roberson is in a crap-load of trouble. Her husband came home and found her in a pick-up truck with a strange man wearing only underwear and a robe. Thinking fast, she quickly told her husband that the man was trying to rape her. As the truck tried to flee the scene, Mr. Roberson got his gun and shot 4 times, one bullet hitting the "rapist" in the head, killing him instantly.

See the thing is, Tracy D. Roberson wasn't being raped. She was just having a fling; she'd been seeing the "rapist" for a while (as confirmed by text messages she sent him). The kicker is - her husband (the actual shooter) isn't being charged with anything. He was just trying to protect ole crazy Tracy. But Tracy is facing a 20 year jail sentence. Hadn't she ever read the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Anyway, get more on that story here.

Now back to me. This lady, Tracy D. Roberson, although her name isn't spelled like mine, her middle initial is for Denise (mine is for Diane), and she's 35 years old, is one of the FIRST things to pop up when I google my name (Tracie Roberson). A lot of people automatically spell my first name with a y, even if I spell it out for them, they also spell my last name Robertson, but I digress. This could be very damaging for future employers to find. And now that I'm thinking about it, old classmates or anybody that's trying to find me might think that this crazy Tracy is me if they don't take the time to read the whole story!

I'm crazy enough as it is, I don't need some REAL crazy lady's stuff linked to me in no way, shape, or form.

As bad as it could be for me, there's a gospel singer named Tracy Roberson who's around the same age as crazy Tracy, who might get it worse than I would. That's why you should spell your name CORRECTLY...T-R-A-C-I-E period. Get it right.


Some Guy said...

I just googled my name to find that I'm a career criminal in Charlottte, NC. My name is Kendrick Jamar Hammond. His name is Kendrick Omar Hammond.


His rap sheet is unbelievable. I really hope no confuses us.

Tracie Mae said...

I think you could be...Charlotte isn't that far. KEN'S a CRIMINALLLLL!!! Oooo, I told on you.

Anonymous said...

Yes Tracie, there is a big mess up lol, because my mother is that Tracy Roberson (The Gospel Singer), She hasnt had it bad but we have heard and found a few things with my mother on them where people have gotten them mixed up but we are trying to straighten that. Well God Bless!

Tracie Mae said...

Wow Rashad, I'm sure your mom isn't too happy about that other Tracy being confused for her, especially with her gospel career. Good luck trying to correct those mix ups. Hopefully I won't run into the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Its not really bothering her, because in a way I know this may sound weird but its actually helping her.