Sunday, July 15, 2007

TOP 5 Blogs

I really don't read other people's blogs on a daily basis with the exception of my writing teacher Tania Rochelle (who writes everyday). So when my blogging instructor, Alissa Walker, asked our class to post our top 5 blogs, well I had to go find some. So here they are in no particular order:

Brown Sista- This blog is all about African American celebrity women and the things that they are doing, personally or professionally. I'm usually not so big about celebrity gossip, but this one talks a lot about Beyonce so it made the list.

Little Brother's myspace blog - Little Brother is a hip hop group out of Durham, NC. Members Phonte and Big Pooh have a blog in which they just talk about the things going on with their album, on the internet, or with the world. They do a little something called "Great moments in Negro cinema," where they re-enact a scene from a famous black movie and post the video, too funny. This blog is just funny and entertaining, period.

Tania Rochelle- This is my writing teacher's blog. Mostly her blog consists of funny anecdotes about her kids and animals, and she also does Friday Nostalgia where she posts a video from back in the day. Tania can find something interesting in anything, so I find her blog is always entertaining.

Beyonce Fan Blog - Anyone who knows me, knows I love "The Yonsay," as I've lovingly dubbed her. She is the queen to me. All hail Beyonce. With Beyonce it's usually a love or hate relationship with most people. I'm one of the lovers. And all haters, be so kind as to leave your haterisms in your head. I don't care, you won't change my mind about her. Plus, I don't talk about people you like, so I don't wanna hear it. know the rest.

Random Good Stuff - This blog is just what it suggests: Random Good Stuff. It has everything from weird pictures, to videos, links to free stuff, new things coming out, just anything and everything you could possibly think of. It made the list when I found the Read a Book rap video on there that I posted yesterday.

So if you wanna check out some blogs, these are the one's I like. Of course, check out my fellow PC bloggers, because they always rock the house. How 'bout I turn the tables to see what you like - suggest some blogs you'd think I'd be interested in checking out(that aren't Beyonce-hating blogs, that's just not cool).


Anonymous said...

You know I read the LB blog...Phonte is effin hilarious.

kuh reel yuh said...

didn't know you read the LB blog like that! didn't know i was on your blogroll, either! oooooh snap!

mer said...

I am still waiting for my comment you promised me! Where is it?