Monday, August 27, 2007

A Dominican saved my life.

So we all know that I've been dealing with uncontrollable hair nappage lately. It's been highly inappropriate and almost offensive. Yesterday my scalp started hurting because even it is tired of the naps.

Here's the proof:
I had heard that Dominican salons do great African American hair and most are open on Mondays. Last night I did some research online and found out that most people think Lilly's Hair Salon is the place to go in Atlanta for Dominican treatment. I left my house at 11:15 this morning and got to the shop in Norcross in about 25 minutes. When I signed in I noticed that every hairdresser was of hispanic descent except this one lady in the back. She was a black woman with a red and black weave who looked to be the outcast of the group. I didn't want her. I know that sounds bad, but why go to a Dominican shop to have a black lady do my hair. I looked at the sign in sheet and noticed that a lot of people had requested Ada. After asking the lady at the desk which one was Ada (and that she wasn't homegirl), I requested her too.

When she pulled me back for a wash, I told her that I needed a relaxer. She looked through my hair and called another girl over to translate that my color looked too new and that I would have to wait 4 more weeks for a relaxer to be safe. I did my color a month ago; waiting 4 more weeks would mean NO relaxer for 12 weeks! That's unheard of. I went ahead with the wash and set though because in some of the reviews I'd read online people were saying because of the Dominican hair salons they were never going to relax again. I didn't know how she was gonna do it, but I just hoped Ada could work her magic and get my hair as straight as could be without chemicals.

She put a treatment on my hair (don't know what it was; it smelled just like regular hair grease from back in the day) and sat me under the dryer for maybe 15 minutes. It was then that I realized that "homegirl" that I didn't want to do my hair wasn't black, she was Dominican too. She was espanoling all over the place. I activated the shun on myself because I had prejudged. Damn me!

So in the end, I found out that Dominicans almost style like the Eygptians back home in Chicago (shout out to Osama's!) except Dominicans roll your hair first (I hate sitting under the dryer) and at Osama's in Chicago they just blow you dry. After the sitting under the dryer for an hour (damn you thick hair), Ada used a blowdryer on extra, EXTRA high heat and a regular brush and straightened my hair. She got the naps in the front, on the side, them beebees in the back, everywhere!

My hair isn't bone straight on the edges but considering the fact that I was NAPolean Dynomite three hours prior, I'm very pleased. AND it was only $38! (I know, I thought that was a random price too, maybe that grease treatment she gave me costed $8.) I don't exactly know how long this blowed straight style is supposed to keep the nappagery at bay, but I'm planning on going back in two weeks for another round.



Tania Rochelle said...

Very sleek.

Tracie Mae said...

Lasted a day. I walked to my dentist appointment this morning (didn't wanna pay parking) and reactivated the napdom.

Remember the first reason I don't get along with exercise: Increased Nappage.

Relaxer here I come!

Becca said...

Aww, that's sad, I was gonna say "beautiful"

Anonymous said...

Oh, you made a great decision to "NOT" allow Jackie to do your hair. Try out my girl Nena and she works Thursday-Sunday...

Laydia said...

Great hair!! The before and after pics are priceless lol.

Just read that it didn't last. So sorry to hear that one. I've hear about something called a carmex treatment. Maybe that's what the grease thing was lol.

Anonymous said...

YOur hair looks great. Girl, you got to get them to leave some curls on the ends. That way when the heat hits it, your hair is not all the way flat!! I loved when they did my hair.

John "JP" Pickens said...

damn, you really are quite cute, naps or not.

Tracie Mae said...

Awww, thanks Thic! I get it from my mama.

Anonymous said...

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