Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Rap-Up

This week's Rap-Up is about something I NEVER do, but did. I guess that's why you never say never, huh? I'm in Melissa Kuperminc's Message and Content class and we all know that it's pretty much a design class, and I'm a writer. I posted an earlier blog about my struggles in the beginning. But I've been trying to hang in there and get everything done. This week, though, I just couldn't swing it. We were supposed to turn in 3 things, one of them being a revised version of our Darfur Poster. I did the other two assignments but I just never got to my poster at all. I mean, never touched it.

So instead of going to a class where I already feel hella inadequate and looking extra foolish by not bringing a poster at all, I just didn't go. Everyone knows I'm against skipping class (unless you're sick) because it's a waste of money. But this time y'all, I don't know, I just couldn't force myself to walk into class knowing good and well I didn't complete everything. Designers have a glare they give, yeah they do; it's almost like they're saying, "You don't belong here," with their eyes. At least that's what I hear in my head.

Can't waste money on two classes I didn't attend though, so you best believe I'll be attendance for the remainder of the quarter.

And oh, I emailed Kuperminc so all you tattletales just calm your nerves! Geez!


Jessica said...

dearest T,

it is a pretty horrible feeling to not be able to get something out. We've alllll been there. Don't let any designers give you mean eyes or anything because really they are acting from a place of insecurity when they do that. YOU my friend, are amazing and in my opinion a great designer. Don't let the computer shit hold you back. xo.

minus five said...

kuperminc might give you a pass if you send her a link to that video.

probably not.

but it would be funny.

T. Budnik said...

Once again, a good rap.

You did the right thing.


Tracie Mae said...

Minus Five,
You trying to get me booted?!?!

I'm sure someone will send her the link anyway (if they haven't already).

we'll see how next week goes...

minus five said...

she might not laugh to your face, but i would bet five bucks she laughs about it.

somebody already tattled on you, you gotta know that.

if she calls you out next week, just have another rap prepared. one you can perform in class.

Anonymous said...

you're gonna get busted! Wha wha.

Ty said...

Hell, if you do get busted. It is so worth it! You did the right thing, I would of skipped, too!