Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Making the Band FINALE!!!

Alright, alright, the Making the Band 4 Finale recap!!

I was disappointed off top when I found out the show was live. I just don't like live finale shows because of how they wait until the very last second to reveal anything, but the host, Sway, calmed my nerves when he announced that Diddy would be making cuts throughout the show.

With 10 guys still in the running they broke up into 2 groups of 5 for little "competitions." For the first round each group sang the New Edition hit If it isn't love. In the first group DeAngelo was on point. In the second group Jeremy did well (better than I thought he would - I was never a fan of his). After this round, though, Diddy had to cut someone. And after a speech about the unlucky person being "better as a solo artist," Dyshon was cut.

Round 2 had the fellas singing the ballad version of the song they've been singing all season (no, not End of the Road) called Exclusive. Donnie was playing the keys (which I had no idea he could do) and the teams performed. Once again DeAngelo was flawless in the first group; I'm giving the second group star to Brian H. He hit a note somewhere in there that was so high and wonderful that I made the ole listening to good gospel music scrunchy face (you know how your face gets ugly when you listen to good music). But Diddy apparently wasn't impressed because Brian H. was the second guy to be cut.

After a random performance by Yung Joc and an awkward interview with Danity Kane about who Diddy treated worse, the guys or the girls, it was time to pick the band.

In pure Diddy fashion, he blurted out that he'd just decided he was picking 5 guys, not 4. He picked Robert first (please note, one of my picks). Next was Willie (I sure know how to pick 'em huh?) Okay, this is where things got weird. The next picks were Brian A. and Qwanell. Uhm, okay. And Big Mike was the "last, but not least" guy.

Robert, Brian A., Qwanell, Willie, Big Mike

My thoughts: Willie is the heart throb and everyone else goes down in different degrees of ugliness. Robert and Willie will probably sing most of the time, even though Big Mike is hella talented in the ad lib department.


At this point everyone was celebrating, jumping up and down, hugging and damn near crying everywhere. When the camera panned over to Sway for last words, he looked down at someone who looked like a producer or teleprompter guy telling him something he needed to make known. But that damn Diddy was listening and told Sway not to say it because he had another announcement.

Donnie would be signed to Bad Boy as a solo artist! People went crazy.Donnie

When I watched the After Show online Sway announced that Donnie had been voted the "Fan Favorite." I think after Diddy heard the producer guy say who won the fans' vote, he had to think fast and offered Donnie a deal just like that. I'm not sure if Donnie, although he was one of my picks for the band, would make a strong solo artist - dude those dance moves, uhm.

The after show was more interesting than the Finale. We got to catch up with Carlos and his girl who is about to drop their baby any day. Sway didn't ask her if tests were still showing that the baby would have Down Syndrome. I guess he was scared to ask the hard hitting questions on live internet. We met everybody's parents, girlfriends, and wives. I didn't know Brian A. was married, and Willy's girl was cute (I read online that she is also his baby mama). Ya'p, we met pretty much everyone EXCEPT Robert's girl JUNE. The girl that he argued with all season over jealousy issues was NOT present. Hmmmm, I wonder what went down there? And of course, Sway didn't ask. I don't think Sway even watched the damn show.

In conclusion, DeAngelo got the shaft. Hopefully he'll get a deal somewhere.

Next season we'll get to watch the guys making their album (including Donnie and his solo project) and hopefully drama will ensue, even though they all act friendly and whatnot.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


angie said...

i was entertained by the finale. could have done without danity kane. i was wondering if diddy was going to just keep doing ridiculous things because it was live. and he kept it fairly under control until he 'decided' to make it a 5 man group and give donnie a solo deal.

as always it will be interesting to see how it pans out. i'm just glad there will be another season. i like these guys and they can sing decent should be entertaining.

i just hope they get a new catalogue of songs to sing.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid poof daddy has lost his golden touch. I see these boys going the way of O-Town.

Tracie Mae said...

Well, at least the majority of these guys can sing Biggy. O-Town had that one dude that could sing, Ashley Parker Angel, and even he was suspect.

If Danity Kane can have a number one album after their release, these dudes can definitely do it. At least once.

Laydia said...

I think it was such BS that D'Angelo got booted!!! He has ALWAYS been an excellent performer without upstaging or standing to far out from the group. I was really suprised he went for Brian A even though for a while I liked him.

And as for the varying degrees of ugliness you aint neva lied lol. Willie and Q are pretty much the cutest ones, and that's not saying too much lol.

Am I the only one suprised Danity Kane has a number one album? And a Platinum one at that!

Anonymous said...

Varying degrees of ugliness? I worked in the beauty business for years and I cannot even believe you had the nerve to type tohose words. You must be the most drop dead gorgeous human being alive. These brothers are all attractive. Robert & Willie are perfection, and Qwannell looks amazing on camera. Mike has a different kind of beauty and Brian (have you seen his myspace page?) has more appeal than any young artist I've seen lately. He is my favorite and I am not even sure why. You need to post a picture of yourself so we can all see why you feel qualified to label God's creations...ugliness. And what do looks have to do with anything anyway? This was a singing competition.

Tracie Mae said...

Awww, my first slightly mean comment! Yay!

Well "Anonymous," I do have a picture of myself posted on my blog, pretty much front and center (and on the side of this comment). But I'm also not trying to Make the Band either.

I'm glad you think they are all beautiful, really, the world should be more like you, but if you think looks have nothing to do with being a star you're really fooling yourself.

The simple fact is: my blog, my opinion, period.

I love how you want to see my picture so you can judge me, but you're coming down on me for judging some dudes on TV. Aaaah hypocrisy at its very finest!

esk said...

Sorry about the previous deletions...computer is acting a fool!

I stumbled upon your blog doing a google search on hair. Anyway, I like your blog...particularly your humor/wit (smile).

About the show, I loved this season of "Diddy's Making the Band," especially since talent actually existed on the show, along with a nice amount of drama.

And I'm proud to say that I picked the final 5 correctly (I did last season, too with Danity Kane!). I kept saying to myself, "I really like Donnie too..." and wouldn't you know, he got the solo deal.

I'll have to check out your blog periodically.


Tracie Mae said...

Well thanks for joining us Sage! And kudos to you, for being able to pick the band. I don't think I picked everybody in DK either, I suck at picking reality TV winners. It's been proven time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Good post.