Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Rap Up - My naps won't quit

I've been in Atlanta for about 2 years now. It's the 6th state I've lived in and the only state where I haven't been able to find a good hairdresser. I've been to like 10 beauticians (maybe more) across the metro area (expensive, cheap, ghetto, etc) to no avail. I'm not afraid to ask people with cute hair who styled them, but it seems stylists out here can't ever get my hair right. I always come out of the shop looking like I could've done my doobie at home.
*A doobie (also known as a roller wrap) is when your hair is set in rollers, then styled.*

I'm tempted to drive 3 and a half hours away to Charlotte and hit up my old stylist. Shame, huh?

Enjoy the nappagery!

(Friday Rap Up)
Tonight at midnight will be the cut off for FRU topic submissions for next week's rap. So go to the entry post and let me know what you wanna hear. Voting will begin tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ok. . . i am no expert on this, at all. But what would happen if you just let your hair go free? I know that sounds a little granola but I've always thought the hottest thing in the world was a big ol mess of hair.

that being said, I've noticed the ladies that great their hair relaxed at Nani come out looking like celebrities. It is where I go and is just across the street.

mer said...

Such a talented girl!

I think you should try Van Michaels over by the Buckhead's Whole Foods. They are hair geniuses! Chilli goes there every 6 weeks and she has beautiful hair for sure.

Tracie Mae said...

If I let my hair go free I'd have to get it hot combed every 2 weeks or so to keep it straight. And it would "go back" (to afro status) every time even a wee little droplet of moisture hits it; I'm talking sweat, steam, rain, spittle, all that.

Then I'll be that black girl who doesn't wanna get her hair wet.

Me, with an Afro? Uhm, no.

Nani huh?

Tracie Mae said...

I don't need to go anywhere where celebrities go; they're paying top dollar. I just want nice hair at a reasonable price.

ie - Buckhead salons are probably out.

Katie Walden said...

Tracie! You crack me up! I found your blog through Jessica Davis. I'm so glad too because I now know where I can go for a laugh. I too have a blog...not quite as funny though.

minus five said...

awesome. i'll check with some people to get some names for you. freakin' hilarious.

Ty said...

I LOVE this one! It's a toss-up: UTI or Nappy Hair. Maybe you can do a greatest hits album?

Okay, topic for next week... this freaking hot-ass weather we're having. It sucks. Where's autumn?

Jessica said...

Nani is across the street from school. In the shopping center where UPS is. xo.

Tracie Mae said...

Hey Katie!
I'll check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

Damn, that was pretty good. Forget advertising you need to be an entertainer.

Laydia said...

I swear!!! YOU ARE A FOOL LOL!!! You need back up dancers LOL!! The next Friday Rap up is gonna have to come with its own dance lol. Shoot if Soldja Boy can do it, then you can definitely do it seeing as how you are WAY more lyrically adept than he is lol.