Sunday, August 19, 2007

Funny things I'm saying right now

Well, I think they're funny. That's why I say them.

"Dot com" (or dot gov, dot org, etc) - For example, if someone says, "I'll smack that bitch," I'll add, "DOT COMMMMMMMM!" Sometimes I'll say it all myself, "That was stinky dot biz."

"Secretly" - I totally stole this from my classmate Tyrese. The funny thing about saying secretly is whatever you say afterwards is totally NOT a secret. For example, "Secretly, my breath stinks." Everybody already knows that, but now they know you're in on the "secret" too. I've secretly put this one into a couple of previous blog posts, too.

"I know, right?" - Okay, a lot of people say this one. But you have to add that hispanic flair in it to make it extra funny. For example, someone says, "I hate that class," I'll add, "I know, riiieeeeght," in my best Rosie Perez-like voice.

"Sike yo mind, yo booty shine" - I just never stopped saying this from, what, third grade? I always thought it was a good comeback. The translation: Ha ha I tricked you and now your butt is shiny. LOL.

"Yeah ya do" (words vary) - This one is just an agreement, or to remind someone of things they do. For example - Someone says, "I don't fart in my sleep, " I'll say, "Yeah ya do." Depending on the circumstance I might say, "Yeah ya are, " "Yeah she is," "Yeah she does, " etc.

"Child Boo" - This is just another way to say "Honey, please." For example - "Child boo, I wish she would try to steal my man."

Okay class, let's put them all together in a conversation.

You: Hey Tracie, how was that party last night?

Me: Oh my god, last night was da bomb dot com.

You: For real? I heard that there wasn't a big turn out.

Me: Secretly there wasn't, but I met up with this dude so I had fun.

You: Is he gonna be your next man?

Me: Child boo! He might try to be, but you know how I do thangs.

You: Men are so easy.

Me: I know, riieeeeeght. But this one was different, I could actually fall for him.

You: Whhhhhhaaaaaatttttt?!?!?!?!?

Me: Sike yo mind, yo booty shine! Ha!

You: Girl, you're crazy. I didn't believe that for a second.

Me: Yeah, ya did.


Anonymous said...

i think you need to forward these to sylvia, she seemed so intrigued by that "baby's daddy" line 1st quarter, she might hunger for more.

Anonymous said...

you had to end with, "Yeah you did."

Tracie Mae said...

Yeah I did.

biggy said...

uh, word? or is it word up!!

Laydia said...

I use a variation of "Child Boo"! I say "Chile Moo" (Child Move for those for those who need the interpretation lol)

ktothefe said...

Okay---Secretly! I always thought is was " Chai-Boo"! ;)

Tracie Mae said...

Well, of course that's how it comes out when you say it.

But in order to make it plain for everyone, I put what it actually is supposed to be.

So secretly, you were right!