Thursday, August 2, 2007

Poll Closed

Thanks to all who participated in my "Which surgery should I get?" poll. An overwhelming 83% said that I shouldn't get surgery at all. Which is a relief. Even though I had been researching the breast reduction thing, I am broker than that bridge in Minneapolis. So I couldn't afford it anyway.

I've decided that eating right and exercise shall be my "not-so-quick fix."


Be on the lookout for future polls.


The Patients Advantage said...

Great blog! Thanks. I recently had breast reduction surgery and by accident I stumbled upon I used them when looking for a surgeon.

What I liked the most was that my profile remained anynomyous until I was ready to decide what to do. I received replies from four surgeons that met all the things I was looking for. I liked having that complete control without the sales pressure that some of these places can be known for.

If you are going to go down the cosmetic surgery road...better to be safe than sorry. Check them out.